Dakota Danielle

She is a small town sensation who broke into the country scene with the release of her debut single “One Church“, which quickly and independently garnered over 75K streams on Spotify.  After the video premiered on The Country Network, Dakota followed with the release of her sophomore single “Forever.”  

Following the loss of her mother in 2018, The 27 year old dove into writing to begin her healing process. This led to her debut EP “My Mother’s Daughter” and her single “One Day Closer To You”.  Dakota filled her mother’s role as a caretaker to her father, who was battling cancer. When she lost her father in June, her latest track took on a profound meaning. It evokes a visceral response for anyone who has experienced loss. The self-penned projects are a reflection of her past and touch on the changes brought about by these challenging life events.  

Dakota released her uptempo single “Backroads.” The audio exclusive was premiered by The Boot. The song quickly reached over 10K Streams on Spotify. This year she has released a new single “It’s a Beginning” and continues to release new music in the upcoming months.

Dakota Danielle strived to make her hometown and parents proud with her goal to inspire, spread kindness, and tell her story through her deeply personal, yet charismatic music.

“I live by the idea that when words fall apart, music speaks.”

“Dare to pursue your dreams, live like there is no tomorrow, have fun, but not at the expense of others and Love unconditionally.”
~Cathy K. Esker